We met June 04, 2011 at his brothers' wedding and instantly we connected.  As with any relationship we have had some ups and down but we have come to a place of love, peace, understanding, & communication.  We are so strong in our relationship building everyday and keeping each other laughing as the days go.  We always sit and talk about what type of grandparents we will be, and how cool we think we are going to be once we reach our elder years.  That's what love is about seeing your future with someone, growing old with that person, and loving every minute of it.  "I have truly been blessed since the day that Jizzo came into our lives.  My children love him as if he was their biological father, and they bring so much joy and laughter to him.  I cherish the moments of watching him and shanya laugh and play...it's such an amazing sight to see.  I can't wait to join my King and continue helping him build our legacy."

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